About Connection

Connection was set up by Carl Gough to offer a subbtle yet potent mix of entertainment and learning. With over 23 years experience of working in the arena of public service, entertainment and education, Carl wanted to begin showing how learning can be accelerated through fun and enjoyment.

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The storytelling and workshops offered through Connection can therefore be delivered for pure entertainment value or with an educational focus for learning.

Ultimately, Connection is about people. The business is called Connection for the very simple fact that all our services can be used to create:

  • A Connection between people
  • A Connection between people and their community
  • A Connection between people and place
  • A Connection between people and history or heritage
  • A Connection between people and the environment
  • A Connection between people and new skills or knowledge

The services offered through Connection are highly adaptable and we pride ourselves in working with customers to ensure the activities we provide meet your needs as well as that of your audience. We can provide services for any of the following:

  • Education - Schools and Colleges 
  • Public Entertainment and the Arts 
  • Business and Staff Development
  • Festivals and Community Events 
  • Interpretation 
  • Community Regeneration 
  • Youth Work 
  • Therapeutic situations

Our Philosophy

Connection has been established on the basis of ‘informative entertainment’. We provide activities with a subtle yet potent educational purpose that makes learning fun. 

“The ultimate aim of education is to enable individuals to become the architects of their own education."   
                                         Elliot W. Eisner (Stanford University, School of Education)

Connection shares the philosophy that learning is an internal process dictated and directed by each individual. In other words, if a person is not interested and sees no value in a subject, they won't want to learn.

Therefore Connection does not teach; instead we seek to remove the barriers to learning, using fun, skillful and responsive delivery to present subjects that resonate within each person and trigger interest and relevance, opening a doorway to learning. 

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.” Galileo

Learning is an important element of the services offered through Connection, but it is more of an outcome rather than the central focus. The primary aim of our activities is to leave children and adults happy, more informed and inspired to know or find out more.

‘The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains. 
The superior teacher demonstrates. 
The great teacher inspires.’
William A. Ward