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Trying to raise your profile?

Organising a Community Event?

Want to raise more funds? 

With over 8 years experience as a Community Development Worker and qualified to ILM5 as a social enterprise advisor, Connection's founder Carl Gough can help you develop and deliver events to achieve all of the above.

In addition to having a professional role in community development, Carl has also worked as a project manager of a social enterprise and volunteered as a trustee and director with other charities and community organisations. He therefore has in depth experience and knowledge of the valuable role community organisations play in wider society. However he also has direct experience of the many challenges faced by these organisations on a daily basis.

This means that when Carl works with a community organisation, he is not simply providing a theoretical textbook perspective. Carl understands the stresses, the highs and lows that such work involves because he has lived through them as well. He knows that genuine support takes more than pointing out problems, it takes solutions and finding ways to empower people to implement those solutions.

Common problems:

There are two common problems that community groups often struggle with. The first is money, or specifically lack of it. The second can be community engagement, getting local people actively involved in sufficient numbers to be able to make a difference. Our activities listed below can all be used to help with fundraising and community engagement.

Fundraising with Connection

You may already be aware that grant funding is getting harder to come by. Many community organisations rely heavily on grants to achieve their objectives but there are other ways. Connection will work with you to help you devise an event or activity that will pay for itself, help you raise some of your own funds and also get your message across. There are some golden rules to developing good fundraising events and Carl will happily help guide you through the process to make your event a success.

Community Engagement with Connection

Our activities also provide a great basis for community engagement events. Take a look at our range of services below. We offer a flexible, friendly service and will happily adapt our activities to meet specific themes you might want to focus upon. Above all, community events need to be inclusive and appeal to a wide range of people. Our activities regularly appeal to people of all ages and with additional support from us to market and communicate your event, you can begin to increase community participation.

By making your events fun it is possible to overcome cynicism, apathy and dispondancy and begin to get your community behind you, share your vision and become active members helping to achieve positive change for everyone.


Have a look at the activities and service below and if you want to know more please contact us.