Fabled Fables!: Using animal stories to explore ethics and morals 

Storyteller for schools - Fables Fables

Fables are stories that use animals to highlight certain human traits (good and bad). They can teach moral and ethical lessons in a fun and lighthearted way. The most famous fables are those of Aesop such as the 'Tortoise and the Hare', however there is a great variety of fables to be found from all over the world.

In Western society, Fables are common place in children’s stories for a very good reason; they provide a light hearted and engaging way of teaching morals and ethics. Some subjects would be quite hard if the children's stories were told using human characters, but when you use animal characters something rather magical happens.

Young children seem to instantly relate to aninmal characters, something which the likes of Walt Disney and Warner Brothers capitalised on a good few years ago. Animal characters bring a humour, a sense of warmth and familiarity, even when the storyline itself is dealing with a difficult subject such as bullying.

In the 'Fabled Fables' package, we draw upon the rich variety of material provided by the likes of Aesop's Fables, Kipling's Just so stories and Ted Hughes' How the whale became and other stories. The Ted Hughes stories are a particular favourite, not only with audiences but with Storyteller Carl Gough too. Carl has fond memories of these stories from his own childhood and they made a huge impression on him when he was young. As a result, his re-telling of these tales cannot help but convey the same enthusiasm he had for them as a child.

Fables are a cultural constant around the world, which provides some idea of how powerful they are for teaching children (and adults) about acceptable behaviour and attitudes of the society or culture which created them. They also provide great entertainment of course.

The 'Fabled Fables' package can be delivered on its own or combined with other packages such as Culture and Communication or the never ending story to create a richer , more dynamic session with plenty of opportunities for extended learning or additional educational content.

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