Fables are stories that use animals to make a point about something (usually morals, ethics or behaviour) and they are among the best loved children's stories.

Even adults love these tales which bestow different animals with certain human characteristics. Many adults will still be able to remember some fables from their childhood, such is the power of Fable.

The reason Fables are so well loved is because they can be considered at many different levels. On the surface they provide funny and entertaining stories of animals doing ridiculous things but the antics of these animals also reflects back to us our own behaviour, provoking thought and triggering change.

storyteller Carl Gough Fables

Every culture around the world can boast its own collection of Fables, some modern, some ancient.

The most famous Fables are those of Aesop such as the Tortoise and the Hare. However Kipling also produced a collection of Fables known as the 'Just so Stories' and many people are familar with those tales. Storyteller Carl Gough particularly likes to share the collection of stories by Ted Hughes called 'How the Whale became and Other Stories' which are slightly less well known. The Ted Hughes stories tell how different animals came to be the way they are and all have something to say on a host of issues such as deceit, bullying, pride, boasting and much much more. 

These stories can provide wonderful entertainment for the whole family. We find that these stories more than any other can be a great way to begin encouraging young children to read. By initially experieincing the excitment and emotion of the stories through the storyteller they become intrigued, want to hear more and this can often lead to them wanting to have the books which can be found reasonably easily in many bookshops or online.

If you want some Fables for educational purposes, make sure you see our storytelling packages and in particular the Fabled Fables page.