Food webs and Wildlife Gardening

If you are looking to explore food webs or even develop a wildlife garden, this is a perfect introduction. 

It looks at the fundamental basis of successful wildlife gardening i.e. to provide enough food at the bottom of a food chain in order to support a greater variety of wildlife higher up the chain.

Any successful wildlife garden must follow this principal otherwise it cannot support wildlife.

Through this package the children are guided and supported to begin exploring an area in the school grounds. Using a variety of survey techniques they record data which helps them begin to put together a likely food chain in that area. However this is only the first step.

garden food web

Collectively we can combine everyones data to see if we can begin expanding those seperate food chains into food webs. 

With some interactive games we delve deeper into why food chains are important and how more complex food chains create greater stability. This also provides a great platform to begin introducing why biodiversity is so important. We play some games that demonstrate how a food chain is actually about the transfer of energy and also why some poisons (e.g. DDT) have such a terrible impact on animals at the top of a food chain.

For those intending to develop a wildlife garden, the session can be extended to work with the children to plan how the area can be improved for wildlife. We can look at what might be missing from the food chain or how to increase biodiversity. We introduce some of the other important components of a wildlife garden (e.g. shelter, water and nutrient cycling). Practical activities can be included if required such as seed sowing, planting or making animal shelters that will start to enhance the area for wildlife.

Block bookings are available if you would like us to work with you over a period of time to develop your own wildlife garden and introduce ways that the children can monitor the use of the garden by wildlife.

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