Mabinogion Magic: Exploring the ancient stories of Wales

Storyteller for schools, Mabinogion

The Mabinogion is a precious collection of stories that extend far back in time.

Written down for the first time by Monks around the 12th Century, they record the stories told through the oral tradition at that time. However scholars agree that some of the tales originate from even further back, some potentially as far back as the Iron Age. 

Carl delivers these tales through the spoken word (in English) and it is only when you hear these tales as they were meant to be experienced that the tales truely come alive.

A fantatsic activity for Curriculum Cymreig and can be extended in numerous ways, through  many subjects and curriculum links such as Communication, Language skills, Developing thinking, History, Art and design, ICT, Geography and more.


You might like to consider a block booking for this package. Block bookings provide you with 3-4 visits over a term to further develop the subject and keep the children enthused.

For example:

Session 1 : Telling of tales from the Mabinogion and discussion about the stories and the history/context of the Mabinogion.

Session 2: The children are divided in groups and asked what they remember of the tales told on previous visit. One of the stories is told again in sections with each section assigned to a different group until the whole story is told. Activity - each group breaks their section of the story down into ideas for images that tell the story and create some sketches.

Session 3: Collage, Masks or Puppet Making using their ideas from session 2 to create something that will help them re-tell their section of the story. The story is retold to them again to refresh their memories.

Session 4: Each group performs their section of the story using whatever they made to help them remember the important points. This could be presented to Carl as a class activity or during an assembly.

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