Myths, Legends, Folktales and Fairytales

There is a rich storytelling tradition of European origin and Wales in particular is filled with Legend and Folklore. 

Living in Wales, Carl shares a particular affinity for Celtic Tales and there are many to choose from.

There are of course the tales to be found within the Mabinogion but much more besides. World famous tales of King Arthur and Merlin, lesser known stories of the Welsh Princes and wonderful accounts that tell us more about the Tylwyth Teg (the fair folk of Wales). Rich pickings indeed for any storyteller, providing a wonderful mix that can be adapted to many different situations.


However this does not mean we exclusively use the stories of Wales, because to ignore the tremendous array of tales from other parts of the world would be a travesty. Therefore Carl will draw upon other tales as appropriate to enrich a storytelling session and take listeners on a journey around the globe. 


From the African plains where life is hard and the folktales echo the harshness of life, to North America where Native American tales convey strong moral and ethical messages of respecting and living in harmony with the land. Stories from around the world can be used to show cultural differences and yet also similarities.

Neither do we neglect the world famous tales from The Brothers Grimm, whose tales were created 200 years ago and still loved as much today, if not more so.

From tales that explain how features in the land came to be there to stories of Hedgerow Wisdom, This genre of tales is inexhaustible.

We are more than happy to consider requests for specific stories at the time of booking as long as sufficient notice is provided. Let us know if you have a particular story you would like told as soon as possible.

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