The Playground Safari:
A mission to find wildlife in unexpected places

 If you're looking for something a little bit different that will help children see the world around them as they've never seen it before, then maybe the playground safari could be what you're looking for.

Even better we don't have to have access to a wild or natural area to make it work.

Once children have taken part in a Playground Safari, they will never look at their surroundings in the quite the same way again.

Playground safari

This is an unusual service because nobody knows what we will find until we find it, lending a sense of mystery and excitement to the adventure. 

The safari changes with each and every location, adapting to the environment and whatever is found there. We take the children on a safari unlike anything they will have experienced before. 

We pretend to be explorers/researchers who have been sent on a mission to identify signs of life in an undiscovered land (i.e. the playground). The children are encouraged to explore and investigate in research teams and report back to the expedition leader.

The point of the Safari is to stimulate a realisation that no matter where you are, natural history is all around you, even in the most unlikely places. From fossils in the limestone blocks of a wall, to the moss growing in a sheltered north facing part of the playground, we explore habitats and look at how living things use non living things (the biotic and abiotic relationship) and how the human race (and lots of other living things) utilise the world around them to survive.  

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