Fun Stories or something more?

The information below is about storytelling for schools, learning and education. If you want storytelling for entertainment and events, we suggest you see the Storytelling page and Carl's dedicated storyteller website.

For assembly, classroom or PTA events

You can book us for a straightforward storytelling session that can be used to provide additional variety to the school day or to commemorate special days or seasonal holidays. We can deliver to an assembly or in the classroom or even outdoors. This can also be a great addition to any school events you may be organising. Simply have a look at the storytelling page to see the range of set stories Carl specialises in.

Storytelling for Schools and Learning

The following links are set packages we can deliver with a subject and curriculum focus. Single lesson or full day options. Block bookings and suggestions for further study are also available.

  • All activities are delivered within the safety and security of the school premises. 
  • Content is easily adapted for different grades. 
  • Fully CRB checked and insured.

 Culture and Communication 
 Using story to explore different cultures

Folklore and history 
Using story
to understand the

 Myth, Legend, Parable or Fable? 
nowing the difference

 Mabinogion Magic 
Exploring the ancient stories of Wales

 Fabled Fables! 
 Using animal stories
to explore ethics
and morals

 What makes ‘Spookey’ spookey?  
Storytelling and structure

 The never ending story 
Tales where the children decide the ending

 Hedgerow wisdom 
The stories that help us remember

The infinitely flexible world of Storytelling:

If you work with children you will already be aware of how well they respond to a well told story. But do you realise how storytelling can be extended into many more subject areas than just language or communication skills. As an experienced educator and teacher, Carl utilises his skills as a storyteller to help children approach subjects from a different angle. Therefore story becomes a platform to engage, leading into other interactive activities and discussion

The result is a greater understanding, appreciation and enthusiasm for a whole range of subjects such as history, culture, the environment, geography, science, design and even working with number! Storytelling is also an excellent tool for PSE and SEAL. 

Please be aware that we will happily provide you with additional information to highlight the appropriate curriculum links during a session (including curriculum cymreig for school in Wales). If there are particular aspects you'd like covered in a session then please let us know.