Storytelling is infinitely flexible and Connection can provide tales suitable for all ages, from children to adults.

Storytelling is once more gaining the recognition it deserves for its ability to entertain, inform and help people relate to a diverse range of subjects.

We can deliver you a set program or cater to specific requests and fit into particular themes.

If you've never used the services of a storyteller before, you might find it useful to visit Carl's storyteller website and see his Guide to booking a storyteller.

You can view the genres of story we specialise in using the links below. If you are seeking storytelling for learning and education, don't forget to view our Storytelling Packages.



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Why Storytelling?

Storytelling is an ancient tradition that pre-dates the written word. It is a powerful and flexible art form that can be used for entertainment, or as a way to inform and motivate. Genuine storytelling is not about memorisation or reading from a book; it is an organic, ever changing process that weaves together key turning points and motifs that an audience can absorb, stimulating the imagination and providing a unique experience that endures in the memory.

The power of a good story when combined with an experienced teller provides a wonderful basis for group entertainment and learning which can be tailored to specific situations. Connection offers a fun and engaging style of storytelling that plays and develops with its audience and brings a story to life. 

A storytelling session from Connection is a memorable experience. Carl will transport you to medieval Wales where magic rules the lives of everyday people or immerse you in strange tales where the ghosts of people past have important messages for the living. Stories are part of our lives, both the exciting and the mundane, and this is why Storytelling has gained increasing recognition once more for its ability to entertain, inform, educate and stimulate the mind. 

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