A booking with Connection provides a fun and enjoyable activity that entertains but also informs.

All our workshops require participation. We believe true understanding can only happen when people are given the chance to explore things for themselves. Therefore in our workshops, appropriate supervision and instruction is given, but from the perspective of empowering participants to discover a certain amount for themselves.

For example:

In environmental workshops participants achieve a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for the natural world.

In creative workshops people have the opportunity to discover their own creative flair

In the storytelling packages participants grow in confidence through a realisation that everyone's view point is valid when it comes to what a story means to 'you'.

By taking this approach it is our belief that learning and personal development can begin to become self directed.

The following workshops can be delivered in a range of situations and if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. 



Workshops and Learning

Our workshops can be applied in a variety of ways to suit different situations. Although these workshops are developed with learning in mind, they also provide engaging and entertaining activities that can be used as a hook to engagement in schools or in community and adult education.

The concept of Lifelong Learning is something that we embrace at 'Connection'. Learning does not have to stop once we finish school or college. Learning can be fun and life enhancing if approached in the right way. All our workshops reflect this philosophy and adapt to the needs of the people attending.

If you would like to know more about our approach to learning and our core values, you will find more information on the pages about Connection and about Carl Gough