Macro to MicroLife at different scales

It is very easy to forget that not everything lives in the same world that we do. 

The smaller you go the stranger our world becomes. 

Our planet contains many different worlds and this workshop helps children take a peek into life from the Macro to the Micro. We open their eyes and let them explore this unusual world, where to us a simple drop of rain can become a deathly trap of syrupy glue for a tiny insect.

Macro to Micro

We begin this workshop in the Macro world, our world. Developing skills in observation we explore the world as it gets smaller and smaller, revealing life at different scales. Through discovery, exploration and investigation our world of the Macro disappears and gives way to Micro world, viewing life through the eyes of tiny bugs and where the speed of life often speeds up too.

In this world life is very different and different animals and plants evolve unusual ways to survive.

We use different magnifying devices and children are always amazed and excited to see these different worlds. Finally, with the use of a digital microscope, we can reach the level of the cell, the building block of life that comes together to create Us and the Macro World in which we live.

This session can be adapted and extended in many ways and linked to other activities to include food webs, biodiversity and biotic/abiotic relationships.

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