Activities to inspire, inform and entertain

For education, events and business

‘Our need to connect is as fundamental
as our need for food and water.’
[Matthew Lieberman]

Everyone faces barriers that prevent us from connecting to what matters most.

Here at Connection we offer creative solutions through storytelling or workshops
tohelp remove barriers, aid communication and improve understanding.

Whether in the classroom, the work place, the community, visitor attractions,
wild open spaces… well anywhere really.

Connection can help you:

Engage people at a deeper level

Improve learning potential

Build better relationships

Reach out more effectively

We offer are flexible and adaptable services, developed for each individual customer.

See what Connection can offer you:

Connection for Schools and Education

Connection for Events and Entertainment

Connection for Community

Based in the county of Neath Port Talbot in the Swansea Valley, South Wales, Connection strives to help children and adults alike achieve a connection with the world around them, exploring past and present.

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